Apricot, Almond and Lemon Bread

To categorize this as cake or bread, I will leave up to the author.  For us it tasted amazing. The longer it sat, didn’t last more than three days, flavors matured and you could taste lemon zest and oil. I have never tasted bread which had so different flavors. By no means this bread is short of butter or eggs. I modified the recipe to suit my taste and items found in my pantry.

You can get the recipe http://www.davidlebovitz.com/susan-loomis-apricot-almond-and-lemon-bread-cake-recipe/





Buche De Noel

Made this cake during Christmas. I was initially afraid for the fear of rolling the cake and cracking it apart. I took class in one of the local food stores which gave me the strength needed to bake this cake. I followed the recipe as given by cooking class filing it with two butter cream frosting. I will post the recipe soon. Enjoy the photo in the meanwhile!!!



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